Member Benefits

Mechanical First Aid: Any service requiring a minor adjustment, exclusive of parts, to enable a disabled scheduled vehicle to proceed under its own power (where available).

Lockout Services: If your keys are locked inside the scheduled vehicle, Auto Knight will send an authorized contractor to unlock it.

Flat tire: Auto Knight will dispatch a service person to change your scheduled vehicle's damaged tire with a usable inflated spare.

Extrication/Winching: Auto Knight will provide one truck and 1/2 hour of labor to dislodge the customer's scheduled vehicle from sand, curbs, snow, railroad tracks, etc. The vehicle must not be more than 15 feet from a regularly maintained roadway.

Delivery Service: Fuel or fluid required to get you back on the road will be delivered to the disabled scheduled vehicle (the cost of fuel or necessary fluids is the customer's responsibility).

Battery Service: Auto Knight's service provider will clean off your battery cables and attempt to jump start your scheduled car with a booster battery.

Towing Service: Your vehicle will be towed up to 25 miles to the nearest repair facility (please note one tow per disablement). Additional mileage is available and will be negotiated prior to sending out service. Accident towing is included.

Directions and Travel Discounts: Customer road trips vacations will be more carefree and economical when they use Auto Knights Trip Routing Service. Customers simply tell us where they want to go and we'll provide information on the best way to get there. There is no additional cost for this valuable service. We encourage customers to call us any time they are planning a driving vacation in the U.S. or Canada. Every Trip Routing Kit is fully customized to the customer's special travel plans. Trip Routing Trips are usually sent within 48 hours of request. Discount coupons also are available to registered customers upon request. Simply call the Customer Service Number toll-free at 1-855-827-5775, Monday through Friday, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Tell the representative your desired destination and any cities or states you want to visit along the way.

Coverage Limits: Roadside Assistance is limited to (1.) one passenger vehicle scheduled with Auto Knight weighing less than 12,000 lbs./5,450 kg.; (2.) $100 per event; and (3.) Eight (8) disablements per year within the 50 United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Roadside Assistance is valid three-hundred-sixty-five (365) days from the date of activation. The Roadside Benefits must be activated for at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to any benefit service requests. Roadside Benefits are subject to limitations. For more information regarding the Roadside Assistance Benefits please refer to the Terms & Conditions page on the website.

The toll-free Emergency Dispatch Service number is provided to assist members whose vehicles are disabled. This service should not be used as a substitute for regular maintenance necessary to keep a vehicle in good condition. Excessive claims may result in non-renewal or cancellation of your membership. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-existing conditions prior to membership activation is not covered.

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